Request Use of a Space at FCCBC

All rooms for events and meetings can be requested in advance using the form below. If your meeting/event is happening sooner, please call the church Welcome Center at 269-965-1225 or otherwise contact Emily/Jaimie.

Once your event is scheduled, you will receive a confirmation via email or by phone. This confirmation ensures that your event is on the calendar.

Reoccurring events only need to be requested once.

You can check the calendar at (click the Calendar link above to view.)

The hourly rate for parties, birthdays and anniversary parties (as well as most community events) starts at $50 an hour (including setup time). Additional fees may apply in the event that extra setup is required.

Discounts are available for members and partnering organizations. Weddings, funerals, trainings and concerts have their own pricing structure based on setup/planning.

Name *
Phone *
For family gatherings, please use your last name as a title. For example, "Smith Baby Shower" or "Johnson Birthday Party."
Will this be a reoccurring event?
What type of event of this? Is it a fundraiser? A training? A baby shower?
Date *
Please note that you will not be able to access reserved space until the designated setup time. However, you can make arrangements with the Church Office if you need to change your setup time.
If you are familiar with our space, designate which spaces you'd like to reserve. The maximum capacity of each room is listed.
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